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This group is for everyone who hunts wild hogs. Any harvest method, it doesn't matter. We bring home the bacon. Whether from a trap, an arrow, a rifle, spot-light, or a catch dog, we stock the camphouse and ice-chest with the rooters. Spotted hogs, listed hogs, boars, mule-footed hogs, big cutters, shoats, barrs, sows, it doesn't matter, we hunt them all!
25 3 47 86
09:37 AM
Those that keep the hunting and fishing tradition alive and pass it to the next generation, we eat what we kill and catch and pursue our way of life relentlessly, we do all we can to promote our way of living.
41 1 2 43
08:35 AM
Airgun Fanatics and For those that hunt in the night.
20 4 98 27
08:55 PM
This group was created to encourage fellowship among 2Coolers. The only requirement to be a member is to have a good time & a few beerz. Cheerz!
284 19 67 25
10:01 PM
Organize 2cool hunts, swap hunting stories & talk about our huntin' stuff like UTV & ATV accessories
4 4 6 20
09:30 AM
So you're a "fisherman" huh? That's super! I like to fish too! Unfortunately, I made this group in order to see if there are any other Ten Percenters out there. If you're wondering what the "ten percent" is... just stop wondering.... Because you'll never be a part of it!
6 2 2 19
04:15 PM
The Unwanted-----Those that are unfit to socialize with the "real" outdoorsmen in the hunting and outdoor adventure world.
19 1 489 17
07:58 PM
The elite few of dedicated sportsman that has had the privledge to catch a speckled trout 8 pounds or better.(SHOW PICS)
19 1 1 15
06:36 PM
9 1 1 11
03:50 PM
If you need a tow, a beer or someone to check on your place in Sargent, this is the place to find those who are regularly down there.
93 4 8 6
10:39 AM
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