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Capt. Adam Jaynes

Capt. Adam Jaynes has been fishing Sabine Lake and it's surrounding bayous and marshland his entire life. He specializes in using artificial lures for trout, redfish and flounder on both Sabine Lake and neighboring Lake Calcasieu.

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May 07, 2013

Can't Win With Oversized Fish

by Capt. Adam Jaynes

Aside from these bizarre cold fronts rolling in on a regular basis fishing has remained very steady for the most part with some absolutely incredible days mixed in. The amount of wind has been nothing more than an annoyance as it has not affected the bite whatsoever. The bird action that we had earlier in April has slowed down quite a bit but should pick back up any time now. The vast majority of the redfish have evacuated from the shoreline and flats and can be found from time to time chasing small shrimp and ribbon fish in the open lake. There is still an abundance of trout, good trout at that, to be found on the flats from the north end to all the way south of the gator hole. On our most productive trips we have been wading in knee deep to waist deep water fishing TTF's Gun Dog Flush in pink/chrome along with clown colored Super Spooks. We are able to catch these trout on a variety of lures but the topwater bite has been absolutely vicious!

Mike with a good trout on top

With the big bull incoming tides we have also seen a number of other changes taking place. The water clarity on the south end of the lake is incredible, although after this north wind howled all weekend it will be a day or two before it recovers. The numbers of ribbon fish coming into the lake is also nothing short of amazing. Ribbon fish fleeing always gets me fired up as in general the trout and reds chasing them are very good fish. I will toss a Gun Dog Flush or Dynamic HD XL as fast as I can at scattering ribbon fish and get ready to hold on!

Travis with one of about 80-100 trout that we went through on top!!

We are also having the occasional gaftop crash the party on nearly a daily basis. I do not have any use for gaftop but I must admit they actually are a really good time to catch on a topwater...until they get to the boat. We have not landed the first shark yet this spring but there has been more than one trout reported falling victim to the toothy critters. I worry more about the sharks while wading than any thing else but don't forget to keep your eye open for the gators.

Aaron and I fished the series opener for the Galveston Redfish Series last Saturday and could not manage to catch a red small enough to put in the live well until after 2:00. We were on a heck of a good bite and knew that the vast majority of the fish were oversized but we also knew that catching the right two would have a very realistic chance of putting us north of 20lbs!

Aaron with one of many oversized reds

Our game plan was to go through as many fish as possible until we came across those two barely keeper fish but that plan never came to fruition, except for the part of going through as many fish as possible. I guess we landed somewhere north of thirty oversized fish on the day, all in the 28 1/8-33" range.

These big fish are a blast on light tackle!

The lightest oversized fish we had was 9.5lbs and looked like an eel compared to the rest. The 28 1/8" fish were 10.5-11lbs and did not have room for one more single ribbon fish in their gut! We were just about out of time when Aaron hooked into the first slot fish, a small 5lber that was apparently lost amongst the bulls. I landed a 6lber two casts later then Aaron boated a pretty good slot fish just under 8lbs unfortunately it was too little too late. Just as the bite of the "in the slot" fish was getting going we had to scramble to the ramp to make it to the weigh in.

An over and a big in the slot fish

Another double with some oversized reds

We used Egret's new Beer Belly jig in both 1/4oz and 1/2oz weight. I have been very impressed with the stoutness of the hook itself and the ability of the jig to be nearly impervious to hanging up. They really took into account the hydrodynamics when designing this particular jig and they got it spot on.

A close up of the Beer Belly Jig from Egret

Tim Turner and Charlie Derrisaw finished in first with a very well deserved win. Tim said they also went through a lot of oversized fish, somewhere between 30-40, but managed to get the two in the slot that would earn them a first place check. Tim said it was combat fishing for them the first couple of hours with waves coming over the box on a regular basis but he also mentioned that they were still catching! The next tournament of the Galveston Redfish Series will be on May 18 with the weigh in at Top Water Grill.

My Sarge Free Bird whipped this big bull
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