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Capt. Adam Jaynes

Capt. Adam Jaynes has been fishing Sabine Lake and it's surrounding bayous and marshland his entire life. He specializes in using artificial lures for trout, redfish and flounder on both Sabine Lake and neighboring Lake Calcasieu.

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January 22, 2013

Could Do No Wrong Today

by Capt. Adam Jaynes

When my alarm went off this morning I had to decide between Calcasieu or Sabine today…I know, a hell of a decision to have to make! The weather was absolutely ideal for either body of water and I was confident that I was going to catch fish at either location. I chose Sabine strictly based on the fact that I did not feel like towing my boat over to Calcasieu. It ended up being one heck of a good choice.

My second cast of the morning produced a nice slot red on a Texas Roach Trout Killer. I was happy to get bit but I wasn't out looking for reds. After a few more redfish that first big yellow mouth came up to the surface shaking her head. It was all trout from that point on.

I only fished a few different spots today and they were all equally productive. I did not make my first cast until about 9:00 this morning and when I cranked up my Mercury to head to the house at 1:45 I had released fifty-two trout between 3-6lbs! The water was going out strong when I started and the bite got noticeably slower as the outgoing came to a stop in the afternoon and switched to incoming. My largest trout of the day was only 6lbs but was all over a pumpkin seed white Red Killer. I caught a bunch of trout while on Power-Pole in 3' of water and also caught a bunch of fish drifting. I had originally planned on wading today but ended up staying in the boat to cover some more water.

Believe it or not today was actually the first time I have ever fished a broken back Corky. It reminded me an awful lot of throwing the old Rubber Backs that I haven't thrown in a few years. It has a pretty fast sink rate but the trout were absolutely knocking the snot out of it. I found it much easier to fish from the boat drifting than I do an original Corky. I definitely went through enough fish today on it to make a believer out of me, thanks Aaron for forgetting it in my boat! The trout were feeding very aggressively today so I fished it twitching it like a topwater two or three times then letting it sink for a second or two before twitching again. Half the time today they hit it on the fall and the other half they were trying to jerk the rod out of my hand while I was twitching it. Today was definitely one of those days I wish I had been guiding but it was nice having a day to fish for myself also.

Dad had the day off from work yesterday so we decided to put my Haynie in the water to go see if he still knew how to catch a fish or not. After the way the afternoon went I think he's forgotten a lot! Fortunately for me it looked like I had absorbed quite a bit of what he's taught me over the years as I was flipping redfish in the boat on a consistent basis. He was a good sport about the whipping, I held the smart remarks to myself for the most part as this scenario has been the other way around many times but still had to get in a couple of jabs!

We left the ramp around 11:30 and by the time we hit the lake the outgoing tide had just about quit. We bounced around to several places and just were never able to get away from the redfish to catch trout. They were hustling mullet to the surface in 2-3' of water and would jump all over a pink chrome Gun Dog Flush and Texas Roach Trout Killer. We landed one lone trout in the midst of all the redfish and decided to call it a day right at dark.

Aaron and I fished the first tournament of the "Speck"tacular Gulf Coast Trout Series on Saturday and enjoyed one heck of bite up until the outgoing tide quit on us around 8:30 or so. I landed a trout on my first cast with a pink Maniac Mullet, good thing Aaron did not realize it was my first cast until we were in the truck on our way to weigh in or he might have ran out of his anxiety meds! Catching a fish on your first cast might as well be the kiss of death but this time we were fortunate. Last time I landed a fish on my first cast during a tournament we ended up getting disqualified on a redfish that just barely grew enough to get over that 28" mark by the time we made it to weigh in! This time around things worked out and we nabbed fourth place with our three best trout.

We caught every trout except for one on Maniac Mullets slow rolling them across the bottom with a 45 degree surface temp. Pearl chartreuse was easily our best color, only problem was that I only had two of that color on the boat. Aaron had one already tied on and when I went to open the other out of the package the plastic tore a little faster than I had planned and the Maniac Mullet went flying into 5' of muddy water. I know what color I need to order more of that's for sure.

If you're off tomorrow and can't fish or have time on your lunch break make sure and swing by Daley's Hunt N Fish. Bassmaster Pro, Ish Monroe, will be in the store talking tackle, techniques, and anything and everything fishing related. Even if you aren't a bass guy it is a great opportunity to visit with an outstanding fisherman. Let alone another excuse to tell your wife so you can go to the tackle store!

I hope I have returned all of my phone calls and emails from today, Kenneth I called you back but your phone doesn't have voice mail set up I guess. I will try again tomorrow to get in touch with you. And Matt I got your voicemail but I was too busy catching fish, I will get in touch with you tomorrow!

Comments (10)

SPEC SMASHER wrote 4 years ago

nice fish

V-Bottom wrote 4 years ago

I noticed your jighead! ..Thats a Coast Lock snap(what size?) and a Spro swivel I see attached. Correct me if I am wrong.What oz.is the jighead? On the fat boy, it looks like a Spro Swivel and split ring!!
Interesting using the CoastLock.Whats the design name of the lead head jig? Nice catch, I will try ur setup...Ed in Hitchcock,Tx.

WUnderwood wrote 4 years ago

great pics, thanks for sharing

Captain Dave wrote 4 years ago

Enjoyed the read Capt ! Always cool reading blogs from a very knowledgeable Guide with a hometown perspective of the Sabine area.

TX CHICKEN wrote 4 years ago

Great report and I hope to get time for another trip or 2 with you this Spring.

Capt. Adam Jaynes wrote 4 years ago

Thank you all for reading and for the comments.

Ed, the clip that I use is a Tony Clip. They come with the swivel already on, one reason why I like them so much. I have been using them for several years now and have only lost one fish due to the clip failure. I went to swing a trout in the boat and my Maniac Mullet worked itself out of the clip, the actual clip did not fail per say. I get mine at Daley's Hunt N fish, I am not certain where else they are sold. The jig head is an 1/8oz Egret Jig Head. I use the same Tony Clip on the Fat Boy also.

Thank you Capt. Dave! TX Chicken give me a shout when you find some time, looking forward to having you on the boat again.

TeenWader wrote 4 years ago

Great report and pics! If i'm not mistaken on that pic of the maniac mullet I'm seeing a black hook instead of the silver they come with. Do you switch em out and if so what hooks do you use? Because I was thinking about trying it out myself this weekend.

Capt. Adam Jaynes wrote 4 years ago

Thank you I appreciate it. I keep the same hooks on that come with the Maniac Mullet. They use VMC if I'm not mistaken. I think it looks black because of the shadow. I have one customer that swears by changing the hooks but I haven't had a problem with losing fish with the original hook. Most of the time they eat them like the one pictured!

TroutDoc7 wrote 4 years ago

More fun than dental school!! Tight lines and Best wishes from Ryan's Dad

Reel Cajun wrote 4 years ago

Need new reports

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