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Chris Grech

Chris Grech is the Product Editor for Allcoast Media. products@noreast.com

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January 31, 2013

Berkley Gulp! Saltwater Mantis Shrimp

by Chris Grech

Berkley recently introduced their new Gulp! and Gulp! Alive! Mantis Shrimp to their already mega arsenal of fish catching goodies. These new baits are 3-inches in length and feature a split tail, four sets of action-driving legs and a set of tentacles on the head that adds another dimension to this realistic bait. All that plus the already legendary attractant built in that helped make Berkley Gulp! the go to bait that it is today. The color pictured is New Penny Fleck which I have already had success with. A total of 14 colors are available to match just about any fishing scenario that you may encounter. If you have never used Gulp!, you're really missing out. Give these a shot and spice up your natural baits or rig one on its own and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. It's available in the common 6-pack packages as well as larger oval and quart buckets.


Comments (9)

V-Bottom wrote 4 years ago

thats not a "split tail"...thats a Twin CURLY TAIL.....

1ofthesedays wrote 4 years ago

that looks familiar.......hmmmmmm I know another lure that's been out for quite awhile that looks alot like this and smells like chicken! Is Berkely getting jealous!!!!!? :-)

BullyARed wrote 4 years ago

Looks like Chickenboy lure!

Whoopin It Up! wrote 4 years ago

I must admit that I am a Berkely GULP user! I have tried different GULP artificials in saltwater and I generally catch fish with the product. I recently purchased the 3" Mantis Shrimp (white/chartreuse tail) and I look forward to using it in the Texas Laguna Madre. I believe it will be an effective spec trout bait! If it is anything like the other Berkely GULP baits, it will perform a-o-k.

greenhornet wrote 4 years ago

Actually looks like a rage tail shrimp by strike king which was around before chickenboy....

I_Fish_In_Pink wrote 4 years ago

Whatever it looks like...I can say from experience that the Reds LOVED it. ;)

ShadyCajin wrote 4 years ago

Looks kind of like a Chicken Boy bait ...

MatRapp wrote 4 years ago

Been fishing the pearl/ chartreuse mantis for about a month now down in lower Laguna and have been just slaying it. The trout, red and surprisingly black drum can't get enough. I cleaned out every package the academy's in San Antonio had.

MatRapp wrote 4 years ago

Feel free not to like them more for me!

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