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Chris Grech

Chris Grech is the Product Editor for Allcoast Media. products@noreast.com

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November 07, 2012

Outdoorsman Bracelet

by Chris Grech

The Outdoorsman is a double weave bracelet with a stainless steel buckle. The outer weave is placed over a standard bracelet and is much thicker than the standard bracelets offered with twice as much 550 paracord. You can remove the outer layer and still have a bracelet.

Paracord has long been known to anglers, hunters, campers, etc as a very useful item to have in your possession because it has so many uses only limited by your imagination. They range from having a rope to tie down a trunk lid to tying tent flaps to providing emergency shoelaces. Use for tying sticks together for making a shelter or securing an emergency splint. Another use is a makeshift clothesline to dry wet clothes by a fire in a survival situation. The possibilities are endless.

Simply find the ends of the paracord and unwind the bracelet to access this useful cordage. Once unwound carefully check to see that the paracord is in good condition and straighten the strong yet thin rope. It has seven inner threads that can each be pulled out of the cord and be used as finer thread. The Outdoorsman is available in nineteen colors and six wrist sizes.


Comments (6)

V-Bottom wrote 5 years ago

Looks to bulky to me..I will pass on this one. Maybe one could use it on/in, the boat somewhere.i.e. a shock cord maybe.

coup de grace wrote 5 years ago

i bought 4 today love them...

Chris Grech wrote 5 years ago

V-Bottom: They also make smaller ones for only $10 if you want less bulk.

V-Bottom wrote 5 years ago

I saw one of these bulkly things a fella fromAT&T was wearing today.His had a black latch.
Not for me

Troutchaiser wrote 5 years ago

Do they sell them in any stores?

Chris Grech wrote 4 years ago

Troutchaiser - They are available in some local stores in Southern California. The best bet would be to buy them online.

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