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Chris Grech

Chris Grech is the Product Editor for Allcoast Media. products@noreast.com

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July 28, 2014

PENN Battle II Spinning Reel

by Chris Grech

The PENN Battle II has been awarded the Best Saltwater Reel Award at the 2014 ICAST show in Orlando, Fla. The popularity of the PENN Battle spinning reel family continues to grow as anglers recognize the durability and fishability found in this finely crafted reel. Inspired by design innovations made possible through new technology, PENN introduces the improved Battle II.

Included in the improvements is line management. PENN added line capacity rings to let the angler know when the spool is properly filled. This ensures that the casts are not subject to excess line stripping from the spool, resulting in improved castability. The Battle II also has enhanced corrosion resistance due to the improvements of using five sealed bearings and one anti-reverse bearing. The reel incorporates keyed carbon fiber washers in the HT-100 drag system that utilizes both sides of the drag washers and increases maximum drag by 15 to 50 percent. Many original Battle features remain in the Battle II, including the full metal body, sideplate and rotor; instant anti-reverse, heavy-duty aluminum bail wire and superline spool.

Eight Battle II spinning reels are offered in 1000 to 8000 sizes. New to the lineup is the 2500 size designed for inshore/light braid applications. Nine Battle II spinning combos are also available for inshore, near shore, boat and surf applications. Each rod is paired and balanced with a Battle II reel and range from 6 feet, 6 inches to 10 feet long in actions from medium-light to heavy. Battle II combo rods include a (inshore) or EVA grip. All Battle II products will be available in September of 2014.

Battle II reels $99.95 to $129.95 MSRP
Combos $129.95 to $159.95 MSRP


Comments (10)

Chuckybrown wrote 3 years ago

I have one, and love it. When I'm boat fishing, it's a great reel. I give it an A+++

Zeitgeist wrote 3 years ago

I have two 1000's, two 2000's and a 3000. My go to reels for popping corks & live bait!

pllosurf wrote 3 years ago

Purchased the Battle 4000 combo Saturday. Fished it Sunday and love this set up!

SaltWater Hook'n wrote 3 years ago

I have a the first generation Battle 8000 and it is a BEAST. Use it offshore at the rigs and at the surf. I am going to get my hands on this new battle and gear up for the Blue Waters.

Zeitgeist wrote 3 years ago

Mine are the first gen also...I bet that 8000 is a beast for the surf. Will be my next surf reel.

Barbossa's 1st Mate wrote 3 years ago

Which model would be the best for bay fishing? Mainly trout/redfish/flounder.

Zeitgeist wrote 3 years ago

My favorite size for fishing the bays is the 2000 but I am using braid. When I wade and kayak with the 3000 it is a little to heavy for my taste. I would not go bigger than the 3000 but that is my opinion.

RedfishBill wrote 3 years ago

I have had 2 just replaced 1. It got hot by a wave not ever submerced and it dealing hard just like the last 1

FoghornLeghorn wrote 3 years ago

I've got several 4000's for bay/redfishing, and they are awesome. I also have the 6000's for offshore, they're great for kingfish and snapper but they lack the guts for 85+lbs wahoo. I think the 7000's or even 8000's are going to be my next reels.

Very happy with the Battle Gen 1's, super excited on getting the Gen 2's!

steve holchak wrote 3 years ago

I prefer the 2500-It's a 2000 with a larger spool.

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