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Chris Grech

Chris Grech is the Product Editor for Allcoast Media. products@noreast.com

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August 19, 2013

NoNoSquito Bands

by Chris Grech

Got mosquito problems? Enter NoNoSquito mosquito repellant bands. Simply open the package, put one around your wrist and enjoy the bug-free life. NoNoSquito Bands defend against mosquitoes, bees, flies, gnats, yellow jackets and all other flying insects. They can be used at anytime without the hassle of spraying toxic chemicals on your body. The best part is that they are DEET-free and use natural repellents and non-toxic oils that are safe for all ages. The bands are formulated with 100 percent natural oils made from Geraniol (15%), Lemongrass Oil (5%), Citronella Oil (2%), Polyethylene / Ultramarine Blue / Zinc Oxide / Iron Oxide (78%). In addition, NoNoSquito Bands are waterproof, last up to 200 hours once the package is open and are available in patriotic red, white and blue colors. You can help the used bands last longer by storing them in a sealed zip lock bag when not in use.

3 for $6.00

Comments (8)

Pooldude wrote 4 years ago

Fore $6.00 bucks its worth a try, i'll put them on my wrists and ancles if they work. i'll order some to try

chucktx wrote 4 years ago

keep us posted on how they work.

Chris Grech wrote 4 years ago

Give them a try and please post your results. Yes, putting one around your ankle works best for me and be sure to keep it in a sealed bag when not in use...you will double or triple its life that way.If you like them, I believe they are available in larger quantities at a discounted price.

TxGreengo wrote 4 years ago

I'll surely be getting some of those for my woman to try. She is a mosquito magnet.

Chris Grech wrote 4 years ago

TxGreengo - She must have sweet blood!

ShadyCajin wrote 4 years ago

You can NOW get em at www.shadycajin.com !!!!!

poc-ed wrote 4 years ago

I bought some of these and had to put one one each ankle and wrist. Was out at PINS and as soon as I get out of truck, I was attacked by the black blood suckers. I had put one on my ankle but that didnt help my arms, so decided to put one on all limbs. Helped for a while but by morning I was getting bit again.
Will give them a try again, but dont have too much faith in them. Will also take a can of OFF.

rcargill wrote 4 years ago

They didn't fill my order or respond to e-mail.Paypal had to refund my money.I would not deal with them.

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