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Capt. Adam Jaynes

Capt. Adam Jaynes has been fishing Sabine Lake and it's surrounding bayous and marshland his entire life. He specializes in using artificial lures for trout, redfish and flounder on both Sabine Lake and neighboring Lake Calcasieu.

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August 26, 2012

Early Signs of Fall

by Capt. Adam Jaynes

I haven't typed a report in a while due to the fact that the last time I purchased a new computer was in 2005 which might as well be from the stone age and the fact that I have only had a couple days off since the end of July. I love staying busy and greatly appreciate the business but I sure don't feel like staring at a computer screen after a long day of fishing, especially one that moves at a snails pace! I bought a new MacBook Pro today, other than that and how much it cost I really don't know much about it. However, I do think with the cost of this damn thing it should come with someone to type this report for me!

Herman with a pair of nice Sabine Lake reds

The fishing on Sabine has just been outstanding over the last few weeks. I can only recall two "slow" days this past month; one was while we were fishing a redfish tournament, smoked the trout but did terrible on the reds. The other was a half-day trip, we were catching solid 3-5.5lb trout out of slicks on the north end but it just wasn't fast enough of a bite for the guys that were with me. We went looking for one of those every cast kind of bites but it just didn't happen for us. The old saying "never leave fish to find fish" comes to mind.

Doubled up!

Without a doubt I am seeing way more shrimp than what I saw last year already in the lake. From Coffee Ground to the Causeway Reef you can find trout and redfish chasing shrimp to the surface along with a ridiculous amount of ladyfish. It has rained the last couple of days but I don't think we have gotten enough yet to really put a negative impact on our fishing, hopefully we don't get too much more over these next few days.

Gerry fooled this oversized red with a Geaux Gleaux Trout Killer

Over the next few months the fishermen will definitely have more feast than famine. With each front more and more shrimp will leave the marshes and the bayous, which will result in the trout and redfish pushing their stomachs beyond their capacity. Those fishermen that are able to ignore the draw of getting a bite every cast underneath the birds will ultimately be rewarded with catching much larger trout working the flats and ledges along the ICW. Personally I prefer quality to quantity but then again I get to go fish pretty much whenever I want. I still enjoy fishing the birds, especially during the fall, but catching nothing but 5 plus pound fish working a TTF Flush in 3' of water is where it's at for me!

From what I saw Tuesday this kind of "fall" pattern is already getting started, even though it is still in the 90's each afternoon. There was so many shrimp jumping it was tough to decide whether to throw a net or a tout! I have been starting off each morning working the same kind of program but with a few different locations. I have been working slicks in 3-5' of water within a stones throw of 30' of water. The bite has only lasted from daylight until around 7:30 sometimes as late as 8:30 in the morning. These fish have been much better quality than those schooling out in the lake. Generally anytime you can find fish that are feeding on mullet or pogey the size of your hand they will be much better fish on average. For whatever reason just about the only way we have been able to catch them has been on top, great for someone like me that prefers to catch them on topwater but not everybody can do that. A pink/chrome TTF Flush and chartreuse back with gold belly She Dog have performed the best. The Flush has landed all of the biggest fish each day with the She Dog drawing just a few more strikes. These particular fish are averaging 4-4.5lbs. It isn't a fast and furious bite but the blow-ups are vicious.

Mike let this oversized red swim after a quick photo

After the topwater bite slows down in the morning we have been switching to those trout and redfish that are chasing shrimp to the surface. There is a ton of small fish in the 12-14" range schooling all the way from the north end to the south end but there are also some solid fish mixed in. I always find it easiest to concentrate our efforts on those better fish by switching to larger soft plastics like a Trout Killer, Split Tail Mullet or the Maniac Mullet. I doubt it really makes much of a difference on color right now but we have been doing great on either a Geaux Gleaux Trout Killer or Glo/Chartreuse Split Tail Mullet. Switch to a hoginar and you can find out in a hurry if there are some redfish mixed in with the school of trout. Once we start getting into the fall the average size fish in the schools underneath the birds will increase dramatically but they will still be smaller compared to those that you will find on the flats and edges of the ICW.

Absolutely incredible!

Being a guide I get to fish with a variety of different people, those that are novice to the accomplished lifelong fisherman and experienced tournament angler. However, the conversations more or less cover all of the same topics. Ranging from knots to weather to boats and motors and of course tackle and rods and reels, all of the while discussing tactics and techniques. One thing that we can all agree on is the fact that everyone has their own intricacies.

One of mine is the fact that I am a firm believer that my most important tool that enables me to be more successful at fishing, or catching rather, is my rod. Six years ago I was the total opposite. Why would I spend any considerable amount of money on a fishing rod? I was catching plenty of fish with a $50 special so I did not understand the benefit of purchasing one of those high dollar rods; after all I had never even used one before.

After my oldest brother let me spend some time fishing with one of his more expensive rods I decided that I had to have one. It was a production rod with a price tag of $215 but the differences in performance between it and the $50 specials I had grown up using were well worth the price difference. That was when I started to realize what all of the fuss was about but I still hadn't made the move to the higher end custom rods.

In January of 2011 I met Sarge Upchurch at the Houston Boat Show. Well long story short I ended up becoming one of their pro staff guys and staying in touch and eventually becoming good friends with Sarge, fishing together on occasion. A few months ago I get a call from Sarge giving me the news that he is branching out on his own and would be producing high-end custom rods right here in Port Arthur, TX. For me it was an easy decision, whatever rods Sarge is going to be producing are the ones that I want to fish. I felt that staying loyal to Sarge was the best decision and the right decision for me. He was the one that always took care of what myself and my customers needed even if he had to be the bearer of bad news.

Customized to your specifications

Sarge Custom Rods is committed to providing exceptional customer service with an emphasis on customer satisfaction selling high quality, high performance fishing tools and components. Sarge and I both share the same opinion in that no matter how exceptional any product might be it is only as good as the customer service and the company that stands behind their products. Plainly put, the customer service that you will receive from Sarge Customs will be second to none.

Along with exceptional customer service the rods are exceptional as well. My personal favorite thus far is the Free Bird. It's a 6'5" medium power fast action rod, which is extremely versatile. It weighed in at a whopping 2.5oz. For me if you are trying to minimize the number of rods on the boat it is one of those do-it-all rods. Due to the lightweight and high modulus blank these rods are extremely sensitive.

In my opinion the advantages of owning a Sarge Customs rod is well worth the price of admission. Superior customer service matched with exceptional components resulting in an incredibly lightweight, sensitive custom rod built one at a time just for you right here in Texas.

Visit www.sargecustomrods.com

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