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Chris Grech

Chris Grech is the Product Editor for Allcoast Media. products@noreast.com

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June 12, 2012

Tsunami Aluminum Pliers

by Chris Grech

Tsunami's Aluminum Pliers are a necessity in every angler's tackle box. Aircraft grade ultra-light aluminum, which has been heavily anodized for greater corrosion resistance, makes this 7.5" tool a perfect combo of light weight and durability. Titanium coated stainless steel jaws and replaceable tungsten-carbide cutters mean these pliers are a must have for any situation. The handy coiled tether and clasp mean they will always be handy when the going gets tough. I have been using a Tsunami 7.5" Aluminum Plier for years in a saltwater environment and it is still remains rust free and cuts braid with ease even after extremely heavy use and abuse. They remain a great value.

Comments (3)

gatortrout wrote 5 years ago

do they cut braid?

Chris Grech wrote 5 years ago

Yes, they cut braid very well.

flounder daddy wrote 5 years ago

I bought a pair of these pliers from a Tsunami dealer in July, and the carbide inserts are toast, and they will not stay in place. The bottom insert is pivoting on the screw. The screw head (metric allen wrench size) was stripped out by the factory and I am going to have to put a slot in the screw to get it out. I asked about getting replacement carbide inserts, and they told me that they have been trying to get them for 3 months now and no luck. So whats the deal???

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