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Chris Grech

Chris Grech is the Product Editor for Allcoast Media. products@noreast.com

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May 13, 2012

AccuSharp Knife Sharpener

by Chris Grech

One of the most important and commonly overlooked aspects of fishing is a sharp knife. Most times any knife will get the job done cutting bait or a line, but in order to properly clean your catch a very sharp knife is crucial. I've been using the AccuSharp Knife Sharpener for years and it does an excellent job with everything from fillet knives to serrated knifes to just about every knife I own. It can even put a super sharp edge on larger items like cleavers, axes and machetes. The sharpening is done via Diamond Honed Tungsten Carbide sharpeners which provide years of use and are also reversible as well as replaceable. Simply follow the included directions and you'll end up with a razor's edge in about 10 seconds. The most important thing with the AccuSharp Knife Sharpener is to always use light pressure when sharpening. Heavy pressure will still give you a great edge but will wear out your knife much quicker. AccuSharp also produce many other products so their website is definitely worth a look. A quality product at a great price with a Lifetime Warranty that's made in the USA. You really can't beat that.

Comments (9)

crazyjon wrote 5 years ago

Great sharpener. I ran across this last year and have been very satisfied.

oc48 wrote 5 years ago

I've used these sharpeners for 15-20 years. they work great, but they do take a LOT of metal off your knife. good comment about using light pressure. also, try not to 'start' in the exact same spot every time, because you'll eventually see that 'starting spot' indention on your knife!

Mike in Friendswood wrote 5 years ago

I went through lots of sharpeners before I found this one. No need for any other.

V-Bottom wrote 5 years ago

when they came out they were $3.00....now $10.00 wow............good sharpener back then

stryper wrote 5 years ago

was given the sharpener shown in 91 and it still works great.

haparks wrote 5 years ago

have used it since the early 80s great

RayAM2007 wrote 5 years ago

Ditto on me using it for over 20 years. Straight edge blades stay sharp when used frequently and lightly

ossnap wrote 5 years ago

Just thought I'd add that if anyone see's this comment today, these are listed as today's daily deal at amazon.com It includes a set of all 3 different AccuSharp's for 19.99

Captain Dave wrote 5 years ago

just picked one up to go aside my diamond sharpener.. Does very well


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