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Capt. Adam Jaynes

Capt. Adam Jaynes has been fishing Sabine Lake and it's surrounding bayous and marshland his entire life. He specializes in using artificial lures for trout, redfish and flounder on both Sabine Lake and neighboring Lake Calcasieu.

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April 09, 2012

Dredging for Spring Time Trout

by Capt. Adam Jaynes

We have been very fortunate to have such unseasonably calm winds over the last few weeks. I do not know what happened to the March winds but I am glad they cut us some slack. April has been very user friendly so far as well. Sabine has been influenced by a tremendous amount of freshwater runoff and Toledo and Rayburn are both sending us some more. This Spring may seem like a shock, especially after last Spring when we were catching trout all the way north of Simmons Public boat ramp on the Sabine River due to the drought. But in actuality this is a much more typical Spring for us on Sabine minus the strong winds.

James with a solid redfish we found crushing shad fry

The majority of the lake is still pretty filthy but it continues to improve on a daily basis with each incoming tide. Even with the badly stained water we have been hammering the trout this past week with some reds and flounder also thrown into the mix. The north end of the lake continues to be slow but from Willow Bayou to the south it has been very productive. The most consistent and effective bite for us has been dredging deeper water. I have been spending most of my time in 9-14' of water after locating schools of bait fish on my depth finder.

I use the down scan feature on my Lowrance HDS 8 unit to first locate schools of bait fish before starting a drift. I will also adjust the size jighead we are using based off of the depth in the water column the bait fish are positioned and the speed at which we are drifting with the wind and current. Throughout the drift I pay close attention to the graph marking ridges, humps, and guts as they are generally where we catch the majority of our fish. When dredging you can also easily adjust the depth at which you are fishing by increasing or decreasing the amount of line that you have out. Let more line out to fish deeper or reel some in to fish higher in the water column.

Johnny with one of many trout we have caught dredging this past week

With the dirty water our most productive colors have been red shad and bug juice. We have caught more redfish on the smaller Killer Flats Minnow but the trout have been all over the TTF Trout Killer. For the most part we have been using a 1/4oz jighead but when the current slows we are switching to an 1/8oz. Our better bite has been with the incoming tide and the afternoon bite has also been considerably better than the morning.

The dredging program should continue to hold solid throughout the rest of April and into May as well. I have not fished birds since the week of Spring Break but that bite should continue to improve. I have gotten a couple of reports of birds working over the last week but I would not hang my hat on that bite just yet.

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rpavlick wrote 5 years ago

Great post. Thanks for sharing!

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