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Chris Grech

Chris Grech is the Product Editor for Allcoast Media. products@noreast.com

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January 11, 2012

Loon Outdoors Nip N Sip

by Chris Grech

The Nip N Sip from Loon Outdoors is like a mullet. I'm not talking about the fish, I'm talking about the hairstyle. Just like that popular redneck hairstyle that we all secretly wish we had, the Nip N Sip is "Business in the front and party in the back!" All kidding aside, there are two very important tasks that must be completed on each fishing outing; cutting line and opening bottles. (Catching fish is also important.) This handy little tool accomplishes both jobs in style with its stainless steel cutting blades, built-in bottle opener, extra wide grated pads for grip and eye clearing needle. The Loon Outdoors Nip N Sip allows anglers to cut their line easily and enjoy a beverage without breaking their teeth or breaking the bank. Pick one up for yourself and a true friend today.

Comments (8)

Leaky Waders wrote 5 years ago

I'd shoot myself before spending 20.00 on something like this. What a waste of $.

DawnPatrol wrote 5 years ago

all kidding aside, gotta agree with Leaky

Transport22 wrote 5 years ago

What type of stainless is this? For saltwater, it needs to be high quality to stop rust.

patwilson wrote 5 years ago

For the cost of me busting my front tooth three times, I could have bought 8 or 10 of these. Just wonder how they hold up to salt. I wear cheap nail clippers around my neck but most of my shirts are stained from rust.

Troutslurp wrote 5 years ago


HillCountryBasser wrote 5 years ago

Yup...$20 is steep...but I was looking for a unique gift for Christmas this year, and ended up ordering 2 of them for friends of mine that like to drink while fishing. Way overpriced, in my opinion...but we'll see how they hold up...

team cut em deep wrote 5 years ago

Hate to be negative, but how many people take glass bottles on the boat?

yakfinaddict wrote 5 years ago

Just got my Nip N Sip yesterday, went fishing today, simply a GREAT tool to have on the water. Cuts mono and flouracarbon perfectly, even cuts braid (20 lb Suffix) with a sliding motion! Now I'm drinking a few beers and couldn't be happier. Considering the stainless is worth at least $10 the machining work is top notch! Haven't used the eye clearing needle yet but a great idea when you have paint or a little rust closing the eyes of your hooks. Thanks for the suggestion Chris and the $20 was well worth it.

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