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I'm one of the luckiest old timers who ever picked a tangled backlash out of his level wind reel.And when I mention luck, I'm not thinking of the wondrous opportunities I've had to fish from the Amazon to Alaska or the fish I've put in the boat from Nevada to New Zealand
The new FIN-NOR Lethal 2-speed Lever-drag reels feature an oversized stainless drive gear and pinion, a more powerful Megadrag construction and Megashield ­corrosion ­protection. The exclusive Megadrag system combines ­carbon-fiber and stainless-steel drag plates, with Cal's Grease for ­heat-dissipating ­performance
November is here and I love it. This is by far my favorite time of the year because of the great opportunities that this month will offer to the coastal angler
"If you could pick one month out of the year to fish Sabine what one would it be?" A rather simple sounding question that is asked often on my boat but is much more difficult to answer than you would think. The different seasons start running through my head along with the different programs that are so addictive to fish
So far we have had several early cold fronts and this has made fishing not only comfortable but really good. Consequently we have had a lot of rain since summer ended and hopefully that will keep going throughout fall to keep our marshes healthy and produce a banner recruitment of young trout and redfish for next year
The call surprised me.When a question comes my way as a result of something I've written about fishing, it most often originates from someone just getting into the sport
My companion didn't quite manage to turn a cloudy sky blue, but the cussing he was doing must have come pretty close.Ever find yourself fishing in some far off part of the world and the rod and reel you're having to work with just won't get the job done? That's where my friend found himself on the morning he was doing such a thorough job of practicing his profanity
Hogy Heavy Minnow Jigs will catch just about anything that swims, especially in deeper water. They can be cast and retrieved or simply jigged vertically
The kids are back in school and it is time to reflect on what a great summer of fishing we have had so far this year. Cooler than normal temperatures and superb fishing has been the norm which has definitely made this a summer to remember
The PENN Battle II has been awarded the Best Saltwater Reel Award at the 2014 ICAST show in Orlando, Fla. The popularity of the PENN Battle spinning reel family continues to grow as anglers recognize the durability and fishability found in this finely crafted reel
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2Cool Fishing Magazine
Volume 2 Issue 3
Sometimes a trailer hook can make the difference in catching bass or going home skunked. That comment won't come as a surprise to anglers who've spent much time fishing the heavy cover of one kind or another in the best bass water all over the country. What might come as news, if they've not already heard about it, is how much easier the nation's leading marketer of hooks has made use trailer hooks. Read the full story

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